Is Opening a Nail Salon Profitable

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Published July 12, 2021

Are nail salons a good business venture? Naturally! Is success guaranteed? Rarely – and this is one of the most challenging concepts for many would-be and current nail salon owners to accept. If you are one of them, you’ve probably wondered, “Is opening a nail salon profitable?”

Just like everything else, profitability requires time, investment, and a white-collar approach. Although it may seem as though your dreams of owning a fairytale nail salon will never come true, this is not always the case! With these critical business secrets in hand, you’ll be one step closer to realizing your salon’s potential!

Did you know that a nail salon business can earn you between $40,000 and $75,000 per year? It depends on several factors, of course. 

In today’s world, where startup businesses are everywhere, it makes sense to consider starting and running your own business. However, while it may appear to be a simple process, it is pretty complicated. You must constantly ask yourself whether your future business will be profitable or in vain –– the same goes for nail salons. 

Regardless of how badly you want to run your own salon, there are numerous factors to consider first. Allow us to provide you with a quick overview.

Create a Business Plan

To run a profitable business, the owner or operator must truly understand all of the ins and outs of everything. There are numerous variables to consider when determining whether your nail salon can be a profitable venture. 

Each business requires a good business plan, but before you begin creating one, consider your financial resources and whether a nail salon is a suitable business for you.

Things To Learn Ahead of Time

No matter how appealing the idea of starting your own salon may seem, you must ensure that your cash register rings as frequently as possible in order to make sure you get all the profits possible. 

To make it all happen, there are several skills that you must acquire. First, bear in mind that you must allow time for everything. There is no room for impatience or fantasies about becoming wealthy overnight. Your business must operate like a well-oiled machine, effortlessly.

The Finances

Is your nail salon likely to be profitable? Yes, if one dives deeply enough into financial knowledge. No, it doesn’t sound fun, and in most cases, it isn’t, but it is necessary to keep your business running smoothly. 

Acquire a thorough understanding of sales forecasting, funding, payment systems, payroll, receipts, and invoices, as these will be your bread and butter. If you’re unable to handle it on your own, you may also consider hiring a professional.

Consider Administrative Details

If you want to make a profit from your nail salon, you must gain a firm grasp on the daily operational and administrative details. Additionally, you’ll want to hone your human resources skills to the point of perfection. 

Operational details include knowing how to organize your documents and manage your inventory; you must also ensure that you have the required license and liability insurance. 

You must get all store products and supplies from a reputable source, and your customer service must be flawless if you want your customers to return. 

Maintaining standards is critical, even more so when it comes to personnel matters such as hiring and training. Additionally, it would be beneficial to learn about the impact of fired or laid-off employees on workers’ compensation and other state regulations. Lastly, a set of rules and regulations for employees must be established.

Advertising and Marketing 101

Without adequate investment in advertising and marketing –– both offline and online –– no business can survive. Without these, your nail salon will be completely unprofitable. 

The way you promote your business has a direct impact on both new and returning customers. Simply avoid attempting to accomplish too many objectives with each promotion or campaign. Instead, you must take your time and complete your goals one by one. 

The visual appearance of all your campaigns has an effect on your business’s profitability. By carefully targeting your audience on Facebook and Instagram, you can establish a strong presence. 

Additionally, don’t forget to utilize time-honored offline marketing techniques such as flyers and coupons distribution. Giveaways are also useful at times. To achieve the best results, combine and match your promotional techniques.

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How Much Does “Profitable” Really Mean?

Before you invest in owning a nail salon, you should understand how much money you can realistically earn. Of course, numerous variables may influence this figure, but an average nail salon owner can earn between $40,000 and $75,000 per year. 

These figures may vary depending on a variety of factors.

Factor 1: Location

This is most likely the crucial and defining factor in determining whether a nail salon will be profitable or not. 

You must ascertain that you open a nail salon with no direct competitors. Opening a nail salon adjacent to another with established customers is a very risky proposition. 

Additionally, opening a nail salon in a shopping mall may ensure increased walk-in traffic at the expense of significantly higher rent. Whatever you do, always ensure that your customers have a parking space unless your salon is located in a city where most people do not drive.

Factor 2: Supplies, Equipment, and Staff

These three factors may also affect how much money you earn. Maintaining a balance will always yield the greatest profit. 

We strongly recommend investing in high-quality equipment, as this will eliminate the need to continually purchase salon chairs or nail stations after attempting to save money by purchasing inexpensive ones. 

While the staff is essential, you must also be prudent and strike a delicate balance if you wish to continue making money. Hiring a few untrained individuals to get things started will help keep costs down, but this may appear to be a poor investment in the long run. 

You could also go in the opposite direction and hire a few trained professionals, but the real question here is whether you can afford them.


So, is opening a nail salon profitable? As with any type of business, you need a solid plan and the discipline to stick to it. 

While you can always use a dash of luck, it ultimately comes down to you and how you handle situations. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for turning your nail salon profitable. However, if you arm yourself with knowledge and patience, you stand a good chance of success.

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