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Here are some frequently asked questions.

What Are Our Business Hours?

Our facility is open 24/7 for our tenants to work as early or late as they’d like. We allow stylists to come and go as they please to do early morning prep work or late work with clients. Your business hours are entirely up to you.

Can I Share A Lease With Another Stylist?

You can absolutely share a space with another professional using an agreement independent of your lease. Our lease agreements are flexible and convenient and you can share a suite if that’s what works for you.

Do You Provide Small Business Support?

We do provide many types of support for our tenant stylists. From accepting credit cards to establishing your business legally. We work with our tenant stylists to help them focus on their work and less on the details.

Will I Lose Clients By Moving?

Unless you are moving a far distance you shouldn’t worry about losing clients. In our experience, the majority of a stylists clients will still book with them at their new locations without issue.

How Can I Get Started?

Get started on your journey with us by simply contacting us. Call, email, or fill out the contact form on this website to get ahold of a company representative within 72 hours.

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