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Hair Extensions in Royal Palm Beach

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Can’t wait to have longer and thicker hair? We hear you! Get the best hair extensions in Royal Palm Beach only at Salon and Suites!

As they say, our hair is our crowning glory. It’s a symbol of your femininity and tells a lot about who you are. There’s a reason why makeover scenes in movies often start with a haircut. A simple hairstyle change can transform the face by leaps and bounds. That’s why healthy, thick, and long hair is always a woman’s pride.

Hair Extension Services In Royal Palm Beach

Our Professional Hair Stylists

Unfortunately, not all of us won the hair genetics lottery. Some lucky ones are born with hair that always looks like they’ve just been to the hairdressers. But most of us have to live with flat, dull, dry, and lifeless hair that takes years before growing an extra inch. Well, not anymore.

Thanks to hair extensions, you can now transform your crowning glory without having to wait for years! And our pool of hair professionals can give you just the kind of hair extension service you’re looking for.

Why Choose Us?

1. We are committed to giving you a seamless salon experience.

Our salon suites are specially designed to give our stylists the resources they need to perform at their best. From porcelain shampoo bowls, high-end salon chairs to ample storage spaces, we have it. So all they ever need to worry about is doing what they do best – getting your hair done the way you want it.

2. Our hair professionals are experts at what they do.

All stylists at Salon and Suites are carefully vetted to ensure that they will serve beloved clients like you with care and dignity. We guarantee that our hair professionals are experts in what they do.

3. We have hair extensions to fit your exact needs.

Our hair experts understand that each one has unique hair extension needs. They can help you customize hair extensions matching them with your hair’s color and texture.

4. We care for your hair like no other.

From clip-in to fusion and microlink hair extensions, we are committed to delivering our service with the highest standard of care for your hair. Our professional hairstylists have years of experience under their belt. With that, we guarantee a safe and durable hair extension process that’s worth your every penny.

So what are you waiting for? Get the hair of your dreams now! Visit us to meet our stylists or contact us to book your appointment.

A stylist at work in Royal Palm Beach

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Our professional stylists offer a wide range of services like hair stylists/colorists, hair extensions, makeup artists, microblading, photography, eyebrows/eyelashes styling, facials, and more.


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