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Microblading & Sculpting in Royal Palm Beach

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Tired of constantly having to draw your eyebrows in the morning only for one side to end up higher than the other? Yup, we’ve all been there. No worries. Our brow specialists are here to give you the best microblading in Royal Palm Beach. They can help you achieve those long-lasting Instagram-worthy killer brows you’ve been dreaming of.

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What is Microblading?

In layman’s terms, we can refer to microblading as an eyebrow tattoo. It’s a semi-permanent solution for people who want to have fuller, well-defined brows.

The process requires precision and expertise. It uses a specialized pen-like tool with the nib being a sloped blade filled with very tiny needles. These needles contain pigments similar to those used in tattoos. Because they’re so tiny, they don’t really penetrate our skin. But they do a great job at depositing those pigments in our skin’s surface.

The sloped blade makes it easier to create tiny, featherweight strokes resembling that of an eyebrow hair. These strokes create the illusion of natural, full brows shaped to perfection.

Since the process is all done by hand, the skills of your brow specialist play an important role in the success of the procedure. Contrary to what most people think, not all brow specialists are the same. Some just took a two-day crash course. Unless you want to end up in a viral failed microblading video, trust your brows to no one but the experts.

What to Expect During Treatment

Microblading is generally considered a non-invasive treatment. The esthetician will start by threading the hairs and cleaning the area in preparation for the treatment. Then they’ll apply a numbing cream so you won’t feel any pain. Those are still needles, after all. While that cream is working its numbing magic, the artist will assess your eyebrow needs. They’ll ask about your preferred eyebrow shape and will make suggestions as to what will look best on you.

When the numbing cream has done its job, they’ll measure the area around your brows taking into account your face shape, symmetry, and facial features.

After that, the needling process begins. The blade is gently etched onto the skin in a featherlight stroke. The motion delivers the pigments into the skin but not deep enough to create a scar. If you feel any discomfort during this stage, make sure to tell your esthetician. They can add another layer of numbing cream so the process will be totally painless. Then a final layer of pigment is added to fill in the gaps.

When the pigment has settled, the area is then cleaned and any excess pigment is wiped off. The entire process takes around 40 minutes to an hour.

How Much Does It Cost?

In the US, a microblading session can cost an average of $400 per session. In Florida, the price ranges from $250 up to $500. But depending on the skills of the esthetician and the work that needs to be done, it can go up to as much as $1,000.

Does It Hurt?

Though it uses needles, microblading doesn’t hurt in general. As mentioned, a numbing cream will be applied before the needling process. So you won’t feel anything except the scraping of the blade on your skin. But it really depends on the skills of your esthetician. Experienced ones will know when their client is in pain or how much pressure to apply on the blade so it won’t penetrate deep into the skin.

Is It Safe?

Microblading is generally considered safe. But like most cosmetic procedures, there are risks associated with the treatment, especially if your esthetician doesn’t have much experience.

Mild swelling and redness in the eyebrow area are normal after a microblading session. But they usually subside after a few days. Your eyebrows may also appear darker and sharper for a few days due to scabbing and healing.

But aside from these mild side effects, microblading may also cause serious infections and allergies.

Remember that the pigments used in microblading is not regulated by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA). So there is always the risk of pigment allergy, though they are quite rare. To be sure, always ask the esthetician about the pigment they’re using and, if possible, do a skin test first.

Disease transmission is another risk that inexperienced estheticians pose. Since microblading involves driving needles into the skin, it can be very easy for infectious diseases like HIV to get transmitted. This is especially true if your esthetician is not following the proper sanitation protocols.

But according to the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP), serious complications from microblading is very rare if all health standards are followed.

How Long Does It Last?

Unlike tattoos, microblading pigments don’t penetrate deep into your skin. So it tends to fade after several months. On average, microbladed brows can last from 1 to 2 years. It may also last longer depending on how diligently you’ll follow aftercare recommendations.


For the first seven days after your microblading session, it’s necessary to keep your eyebrow area dry. Don’t let any water, soap, toner, lotion, or makeup touch the microbladed area. The pigment hasn’t yet settled by this time so the liquids may scatter the pigments around, ruining the look.

It’s also recommended to avoid intensive physical activities during this time or anything that can cause profuse sweating. You should also refrain from swimming, drinking alcohol, or touching the eyebrow area.

Why Choose Us

1. We are committed to giving you a seamless salon experience.

Our salon suites are specially designed to give our beauty experts the resources they need to perform at their best. So all they ever need to worry about is doing what they do best – giving you the best salon experience you deserve.

2. Our beauty professionals are experts at what they do.

All beauty experts at Salon and Suites are carefully vetted to ensure that they will serve beloved clients like you with care and dignity. We guarantee that our professionals are experts in what they do.

3. Our microblading treatments are tailored to fit your needs.

Our brow specialists understand that each one has unique microblading needs. They can help you choose the eyebrow shape, thickness, and color that will best suit you.

4. We care for your skin like no other.

From preparing your skin to aftercare advice, we are committed to delivering our service with the highest standard of care. Our beauty professionals have years of experience under their belt. With that, we guarantee a safe and high-quality microblading treatment that will have you coming back as a loyal customer.

So what are you waiting for? Get that on-fleek brows of your dreams now! Visit us to meet our beauty experts or contact us to book your appointment.

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