Eyebrow Tattoo: Is It For You?

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Published: Aug. 27, 2022

Eyebrows have been a prominent part of our beauty standards ever since beauty standards were invented. That’s why over the centuries, the ideal eyebrow shape has evolved a lot that keeping track of it all can be dizzying. I mean, at one time, unibrows were in fashion and the next decade, everyone’s shaving their eyebrows because bald brows are all the rage.

In recent years, however, fuller, well-defined brows have become de rigueur. This gave rise to a new eyebrow shaping technique called eyebrow tattoo.

If you want to join the trend and planning to get an eyebrow tattoo, here’s everything you need to know before taking the plunge.

What is an Eyebrow Tattoo?

An eyebrow tattoo is basically what its name suggests – it’s a tattoo but for your brows. Like any tattoo, it uses a needle to push ink deeper into your skin. But instead of different shapes, the eyebrow artist uses the needle to draw hair-like strokes to create an illusion of naturally fuller brows.

Why Would People Get Their Brows Tattooed?

There are many reasons why people get eyebrow tattoo such as:

  • Convenience.

    Drawing eyebrows can take several minutes. But when you’re in a hurry, those few minutes can be a luxury you can’t afford to spare. Eyebrow tattoo makes it easier to have fuller, more beautiful brows without having to go through all that trouble.

  • Medical reasons.

    People with medical conditions that cause them to lose hair on their brows can benefit from getting an eyebrow tattoo. They won’t have to worry about drawing their brows everyday. It also restores their self-confidence and make them feel beautiful again.

  • Aesthetics.

    The goal of an eyebrow tattoo is for the brows to look as natural as possible. Unless you’ve got some pro-level make-up skills, creating natural-looking eyebrow hairs can be pretty hard with just a brow pencil.

Does Eyebrow Tattooing Hurt?

If you haven’t had a tattoo before, you’ll most likely find eyebrow tattooing to be painful. Keep in mind that it uses needles to prick your skin so the ink will stay underneath it. Obviously, that will hurt. 

The pain, however, is largely tolerable. Besides, you’ll usually be offered a numbing cream to apply before the procedure. So if you have low pain tolerance, you can opt for the numbing cream.

How Long Does Eyebrow Tattoo Last?

In general, eyebrow tattoos can last for about 1 to 2 years. The results, however, can vary from one person to another. The lighter the ink is, the more prone it is to fading. That’s why dark-colored brow tattoos tend to last longer.

The type of eyebrow tattoo you get also comes into play. Some types of tattoo ink are designed to fade over time. While others tend to be more permanent though they also tend to leave a greenish-blue tinge as they fade.

Sun exposure, the use of anti-aging products, and your body’s reaction to the ink pigments also contributes to the longevity of eyebrow tattoos.

Types of Eyebrow Tattoos

Most people think of eyebrow tattoo as just one type of procedure. In truth, brow tattoos come in different types depending on the ink used and the type of eyebrow shape you’re going for.

1. Microblading

Microblading is often compared with eyebrow tattoos. In fact, microblading vs. eyebrow tattoo is one of the most-searched brow-related term on Google. But what most people don’t realize is that microblading is a type of eyebrow tattoo, and a very popular one at that.

What makes microblading eyebrows so popular among clients is that it’s designed to mimic naturally bushy brows. It uses a special type of handheld tool with very tiny needles that creates natural eyebrow hairs. The ink is also designed to fade into a lighter version of the original color so the tattoo retain its natural appearance. This method also makes it easier to update or re-apply the pigment once the ink has faded.

2. Nano Brows

If you’re looking for a more defined brow tattoo with very tiny hair-like strokes, nano brows are for you. It’s basically the same process as microblading but instead of a handheld tool, it uses a digital device with a single needle. This creates tiny precise lines that mimic natural eyebrow hairs.

Also known as nanoblading, nano brows are recommended for people with thick, textured, and oily skin type. The single needle device also allows brow artists more flexibility and address problem areas one by one.

3. Powder Brows

Powder brows got its name from the powdery effect it leaves on the brows. This method uses the same digital device used for nano brows. But unlike nanoblading, it creates a more powdery effect that imitates brow makeup.

Like nano brows, this type of eyebrow tattoo is also great for people with thick, textured and oily skin. It’s also typically used in color-correcting previously tattooed brows.

4. Combo Brows

Want a realistic-looking fully textured eyebrows? Then you should consider combo-brows. This technique combines powder and nano brow to create a realistically filled and shaded eyebrows like a permanent makeup.

Pros and Cons of Getting an Eyebrow Tattoo

To help you decide whether or not you should get an eyebrow tattoo, here are the pros and cons of getting an eyebrow tattoo.

Benefits of Eyebrow Tattoo

  1. Semipermanent Results

With the right care, eyebrow tattoos can last up to a year or two. That’s a long time of not having to draw your brows or worry about filling them in every single day.

  1. It’s waterproof

If you’re an outdoor person or an enthusiastic swimmer, getting an eyebrow tattoo might just be the most liberating decision of your life. You won’t have to worry about your eyebrow fading when you’re rained on or after wiping down sweat from your face. You can even swim with a full eyebrow on.

  1. It stays in place even after you sleep

It can help you achieve that ultimate #WokeUpLikeThis goals. That means no more “brow-less” mornings.

  1. It looks more natural

As mentioned over and over in this post, eyebrow tattoos are designed to mimic natural eyebrows. That’s something you can never achieve with a brow pencil, brow powder, or brow gel.

  1. It heals fast

Yes, there will be swelling and redness in the first few days. But it usually subsides after a few weeks and you can go back to your usual activities.

  1. It’s more cost-efficient

Eyebrow tattoo requires initial investment but it’s actually more cost efficient in the long run. Brow pencils, gels, powders, and any eyebrow coloring paraphernalia can be costly.

Disadvantages of Eyebrow Tattoo

  1. It can be painful

As mentioned, eyebrow tattoos can be painful especially the first time and if you’re not used to getting a tattoo.

  1. It’s semi-permanent

If the word “tattoo” makes you think that the eyebrow tattoo will last a lifetime, then you’ll be disappointed. It only lasts a year or two at most and you’ll have to go through the entire process again.

  1. Upfront cost

Eyebrow tattoos can cost anywhere from $300 to $500 depending on your location. That can be too expensive for some people.

  1. Risk of Infection

If your brow artist isn’t experienced or you have an unknown allergy to tattoo ink, there is always a possibility of infection.

eyebrow tatto during procedure

Before Getting an Eyebrow Tattoo

Now before you venture out on getting eyebrow tattoos, ask yourself first if it is for you. Below are a few things to help you decide whether to set an appointment with your artist or preferred parlor right now. 

1. Prepare Yourself

You must seek an artist whose technique is fantastic and who has received the proper training to do perfect brow tattoos. Remember that both microblading and eyebrow tattooing are painless and minimally invasive while you get lasting eyebrows in the hands of a professional.

This is why, if you want anything on your skin permanently, you need to do your homework beforehand. Make sure you won’t have any regrets in the future! If your research had already satisfied you, it’s time to make a list of all your concerns before scheduling an appointment and committing to the procedure.

2. Make an appointment beforehand

Consult your artist about microblading vs eyebrow tattoos at your preferred clinic or beauty salon. Have a one-on-one appointment with him/her to plan your procedure, speak about your goals, any questions you may have, and ask your artist to design your ideal brow shape or brow hair stroke to check whether it’s precisely what you want or if you still need to make any changes.

3. An eyebrow tattoo is a temporary tattoo

Tattoos are actually permanent, but you may have an option for your brows not to be “permanently” drawn with brow tattooing. There are two options when you get an eyebrow tattoo:

  • permanent eyebrow tattoo – ink and needles are used to go through your skin as it softly pricks it with every drawn eyebrow hairs.
  • semi-permanent tattoo – instead of ink, pigment is used. Plus, it isn’t injected as deeply as a traditional tattoo.

As the fake ink fades away, it leaves a blue-green tint on your skin. The pigment used is supposed to fade into a lighter shade over time, giving it a more natural look. However, if you use the wrong color combination on your brow region, your skin will indeed look odd. 

To guarantee a successful session, request your artist’s portfolio. Ask for a before and after photo of their clients’ brow improvement. Additionally, make sure to keep a hygienic routine in cleaning and taking care of your tattooed brows to keep the pigment last longer than usual. 

4. Getting an eyebrow tattoo is painful

Having a tattoo eyebrow is the same as getting a tattoo on another part of your body. Needles will continue to pierce your skin to allow the ink to stay there as permanent makeup. This might be a simple and quick procedure; however, it is not for individuals with poor pain tolerance. However, you can ask the doctor to give you numbing creams before starting to lessen the pain.

Moreover, tattoos tend to take at least a week or two before fully healing. This is why you should learn how to clean and treat your new and fresh brow tattoos. 

5. Eyebrows may look different

Brows are supposed to be sisters, not twins! Your natural brows aren’t relatively even in form. As a result, you shouldn’t anticipate your eyebrow tattoo to be completely precise. But it should be nice and near to being evenly formed and aligned at the very least. Allow yourself to have time to appreciate and adapt to your freshly defined brows, and then flaunt them wherever you go! Goodbye, brow products!

6. Scarring is a possibility

As previously said, a needle and ink are inserted onto your skin to make the pigment and pattern visible. It’s only natural when your tattoo swells or scars over time. After all, it’s all part of the whole healing process. If at all feasible, stick to one artist so that he or she knows what your skin requires. Since the skin tends to push out some tattoo inks, most people go back twice to have another session of the whole procedure.

You may go back to your artist after a few weeks for some touch-ups and come back only after two to three years for a major touch-up.

So, Is It For You?

Only you can determine whether an eyebrow tattoo is for you. Just make sure that you are really confident and ready to go through the post-healing process of eyebrow tattoo or microblading. Because if your skin is not taken good care of after the procedure, it can cause infection and destroy your skin entirely. 

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