How to Safely Put Mascara on Eyelash Extensions

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Published May 24, 2021

Did you just have a pamper day? Did you go to the spa to get your hair done and your nails painted? Did you get an eyelash extension as well? If you did, here’s a question that you may be wondering about: can you put mascara on lash extensions? Well, yes, you certainly can! Although it isn’t really necessary, it will help you in accentuating your lashes even more. It’s a subtle technique that most ladies practice daily. 

Stay tuned to know which type of mascaras are ideal for eyelash extensions, which mascaras to avoid, how to apply mascara to your eyelash extensions properly, and anything else mascara-related!

Reason Why You Should Wear Mascara With Eyelash Extensions

Wearing your lash extensions with a touch of mascara will undoubtedly help define your lashes. But should that be your only reason for using mascara? Here is a list of other reasons why you should use mascara with your lash extensions right away:

  1. If mascara accentuates your natural lashes so greatly, it will undoubtedly do more for your lovely lash extensions.
  2. If you use a contrasting-colored mascara, it will change the color of your extensions.
  3. If your lash extensions are going thin and you need a refill, one or two coats of mascara could help make them look thicker.
  4. It will give you a strong and vibrant appearance.
  5. Peptides, stem cell complexes, Vitamin E, biotin, and keratin are some of the compounds included in certain mascaras that aid in the growth and health of your natural hair.
  6. You deserve to look your best at all times. It’s part of self-care.

Oil-Free Mascara For Lash Extensions

Oil-based mascara is a no-no since the oils in it can tear down the adhesive that holds your lash extensions in place, resulting in one of two potential outcomes:

  • The glue on some of your flares loosens and re-dries, causing a few of your lashes to stick longer. This will make the lashes appear more unnatural and unappealing.
  • The oils completely break down the adhesive, resulting in the loss of your eyelash extensions.

The most crucial aspect to extending the life of your extensions is to protect the adhesive link between them and your lash line. Water-based mascara is the best treatment for delicate lash extensions. You should also avoid mascaras that include glycol and carbonate since these ingredients may interfere with the glue on your extensions.

Types Of Mascara To Avoid

Remember that there are various types of mascaras to avoid to make your falsies last longer. The following types will help you prevent your eyelash extensions from looking unpleasant and unnatural.

Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof mascaras can cause brittleness in your false lashes as well as harm to your natural lashes. This means removing waterproof mascara, applying pressure, and using an oil-based makeup remover, are all harmful to your extensions. Rubbing your eyes with the essential oil will undoubtedly remove the mascara. However, it will cause the lash adhesive to dissolve, thus, ruining your falsies and perhaps pulling your natural lashes with them.

Tube mascara

Unlike ordinary mascaras, tubing mascaras are produced with polymers that wrap around each lash, making small tubes. It is fine to use it on your natural lashes, but it’s not a good idea to use it on your falsies as it will stiffen your lashes.

Fiber Mascaras

The purpose of fiber mascaras is to copy the appearance of extensions by adding microscopic fibers to extend your natural lashes. It works in the same way as tube and waterproof mascaras. They also cause your lashes to become brittle and difficult to remove.

Choosing The Right Mascara Brush

Choosing the right mascara brush for the desired appearance of your lashes is also critical. There are several varieties of mascara brushes, and each type will give your lashes an entirely different dramatic impression.

There are at least three basic brushes recommended to use:

  • Classic mascara brush – This brush’s thick bristles will make your lashes appear more voluminous.
  • Tapered Comb mascara brush – This wand’s comb-like bristles will assist in separating the lashes. This style of brush works well for comprehensive coverage but not so well for volume.
  • Curved Comb mascara brush – The brush replicates the natural curl of the lashes, while the comb prevents clumps from forming.

A Step-by-step Guide In Putting Mascara on Eyelash Extensions Safely

Mascara does not only darken your lashes but also extends and thickens them. The improper application techniques, on the other hand, might smear the mascara and clump your eyelashes. Here is a complete step-by-step guide in putting mascara on your falsies like an expert:

The two essential materials you will need:

  • Mascara
  • Eyelash curler 

Step 1: Begin by cleaning your lashes and eyes

When applying mascara, make sure your eyes are clean to avoid clumping and discomfort. It’s advisable to start with clean eyes.

Step 2: Dramatize your lashes by curling them

Hold the lash curler at the root of your eyelashes while looking straight. Now lower your head and softly pinch your eyelashes with your lash curler. As you work your way up to the tip of your lashes, repeat until you achieve your desired results.

Beautiful young lady took a picture after carefuly brushing her mascara

Step 3: Start from the bottom of your lashes

Ensure the excess mascara from your applicator is removed first by wiping it off onto the mascara tube. While gazing directly in the mirror, apply the applicator to the base of your lashes. Slowly glide the brush upwards to coat your eyelashes from the base to the tip until you achieve your preferred mascara thickness.

Step 4: Enhance the corner side of your lashes

To avoid smearing or spreading mascara, simply use the applicator tip to cover the corner eyelashes. From the base to the tip, you can equally coat them. This will also make your lashes seem more defined since the lashes in the corners of your eyes will give you a wing-tipped impression.

Step 5: Use a clean spoolie brush to eliminate excess mascara

To prevent mascara clumping, gently brush your lashes from the base upwards with your spoolie. Do it before the first coat of mascara has completely dried. Otherwise, your lashes will appear unappealing and brittle.

Step 6: Apply your second coat of mascara 

Allow your initial application to dry thoroughly before proceeding to the next step. Then repeat the process with your second application of mascara.

The Final Touch

Wipe away any extra mascara that may have touched your skin during application. Check to see whether you’re entirely pleased with your lash thickness, and there you have it! You’re ready to go.

Extra Guide: Applying Mascara On Lower Lashes

But what about the bottom lashes? They, too, deserve to be seen and cared for! Lower lashes are often shorter and more refined, making it harder to apply mascara without smudging the makeup. So we came up with a few quick and easy ways to get that ideal bottom lash appearance.

Step 1: Use a dry cloth or paper towel

To preserve the under-eye region, place a dry towel beneath your lower lashes. Tilt your head down and look towards the mirror.

Step 2: Begin from the middle 

Wipe away any excess mascara and apply it to the center of your bottom lashes.

Step 3: Brush the inner lashes

Holding the brush vertically, coat each lash in the inner and outer corners of your eyes using only the tip.

The Final Touch

You may now confidently flutter your eyes! Without using any extra eye makeup product, the techniques, we taught you would provide the illusion of lift. This will look great on all eye shapes and lengths of lashes.

So can you put mascara on lash extensions? Yes! After we’ve taught you all the techniques and secrets for attaining those incredible eyes, you’ll never be worried about getting the perfect appearance that models have. With the help of this guide, you’ve just become your own professional eye makeup artist! Remember that it is only fair to give your lashes the proper amount of adornment since it highlights the eyes. And, as the saying goes, “the eyes are the windows to the soul.” 

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