What Are Sculpted Nails?

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Published June 28, 2021

Many women and men maintain having beautiful and presentable nails. Additionally, lots of people want to stay updated on the latest trends in nail care and nail art. Acrylic nails have existed for a long period of time. However, new techniques have been developed to enhance the appearance and longevity of acrylic nails. 

Another option for a manicure you should definitely try next time you visit a nail salon is sculpted nails. However, there are some distinctions between the two methods that you should be aware of prior to scheduling an appointment.

Difference Between Acrylic Nails and Sculpted Nails 

Typically, both acrylic and sculpted nails begin with an acrylic base. If you opt for acrylic nails, the nail artist will typically glue a nail tip to your natural nails. After that, acrylic is applied and shaped to your natural nail and nail tip. Additionally, you can inform the nail artist if you’d like the tip shortened for shorter nails. As a result, you’ll have a nail structure that can be filed or shaped to the length you desire. Acrylic nails are safe and practical for daily use, and they help maintain a neat and uniform manicure. If you do not wish to have a nail tip adhered to your natural nails, an acrylic overlay can be requested. This procedure involves the application of acrylic powder or gel to your natural nail only. Moreover, acrylic strengthens and firms your nails.

Sculpted nails are applied in a similar fashion. However, sculptured nails have a more appealing shape. Additionally, you can request customized shapes from your nail technician based on your personal style.

What Are Sculptured Acrylic Nails?

Sculpted nails are acrylic-based nails that have been shaped into a customized ones. You can select the shape and the nail artist will make it happen for you. For instance, if you desire coffin-shaped nails or prefer rounded nails, your nail artist can do it for you.

To begin, an acrylic base is applied to ensure the nail remains attached to the finger and natural nail. Then the tip of the nail is shaped according to your preferences. This is accomplished using acrylic powder or gel. 

Sculpted acrylic nails are typically thicker than regular acrylic nails. This is because a substantial amount of acrylic or gel is required to create the desired shape of the nail. Additionally, sculpted nails are free form, which means that they may not appear uniform. Also, sculpted nails are an excellent choice if you want one or two nails on each hand to stand out.

Sculpted And Acrylic Nail Designs 

Once your nails are shaped to your liking, you can add designs to further customize your manicure. The designs can range from simple patterns on the nails to the addition of 3D elements to your manicure. Since both types of nails typically have an acrylic base, your nail technician can design your nails using polish and a variety of tools. On your nails, you can draw polka dots, flowers, paisley, and even letters. Moreover, you can embellish your nails with pearls, small trinkets, or charms. Your nail technician can secure these design elements with a strong adhesive that adheres well to acrylic.

Sculpted Nails procedures

How to Do Sculptured Nails At Home

While replicating salon-style sculptured nails at home can be challenging, it is not impossible. It’s best to begin with simple shapes and color schemes for your first few attempts, but once you’ve mastered the technique, you can progress to more complex shapes.

Step 1: Prepare your Natural Nails

  • Sanitize the Nails
  • File the Edges
  • Etch the Nails
  • Soften and Push Back the Cuticle
  • Prime Nails’ Surface

Step 2: Sculpt the Artificial Nails

  • Select a Nail Form
  • Peel the Backing
  • Curve the Form
  • Fit the Form Under Free Edge
  • Pour the Monomer
  • Apply White Powder to the Form
  • Put Clear Powder Over Stress Area
  • Apply Pink Powder to Nails’ Center
  • Apply Pink Powder to Cuticle Area
  • Leave the Powder be
  • Remove the Form

 Step 3: Finish the Sculptured Nail

  • File into the Final Desired Shape 
  • Seal the Nail
  • Apply Cuticle Oil to Nails
  • Check Finished Nails and Repeat As Needed

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